Facebook mobile app redesign

I use Facebook app since its first release and I’m happy to see it coming with new features. However, things change and I believe it’s a time to step back and think about what regular user expects from the app. I created this mockup to demonstrate my perspective of how I want to use it.

Basically there are few stories why I’m using this app:

  • I’m just wasting time and exploring news
  • I want to show interesting post of my friend to another one
  • I want to show pictures from holiday
  • I need to check details about event (party) I’m going to
  • I want to write new status, share picture, etc.

There are also things I never do with app:

  • Updating my profile detail (school, address)
  • Updating security settings or any else advanced settings you can find there
  • I don’t use notes, pokes, offers and locations
  • I deal only occasionally with new friend requests or searching them

Of course, everyone uses app in different way, but there are no doubts we use it mostly for consuming content. Therefore, I made this mockup as simple as possible with more space for content and easy swipe between the News Feed and Groups in the top toolbar. I also tried to make a profile screen looking more like a desktop version with quick access to photos, friends and events.