LinkedIn resume builder idea

Creating CV is my hobby. Others do it once in a while, I do it almost monthly. I just love to experiment with design, playing with words and finding the best ultimate solution. Once I created two versions and did A/B test to measure which one delivers more relevant enquiries. Oh I know, it’s crazy, but should I rather collect beer cans instead? 🙂

I also love LinkedIn, it’s a only social network so far without pictures of kitties and babies. However, there is one functionality which I’m really missing. Resume (CV) generator. Ok, to be correct, you can export profile to boring plain text PDF or use tool called Resume Builder on, but it’s never been promoted and it finished more like an experiment.

My idea is different from what I could experience yet. I don’t need to choose from hundreds of templates or spend tens of hours by playing with content and structure. I don’t want to register on third party website, when I’m familiar with LinkedIn already. And finally, I definitely don’t want to do double-done work and create my CV in Word from scratch.


I imagine simple tool, one click away from download CV, with just a few options and with so high quality results that I don’t have to care about templates. I should be able to define what I want to include as a content. Not every experience I entered to my profile must be relevant to new job. I’d be happy to have some really basic personalisation option to look little bit different from others. And as a recruiter, I’d like to be able to download CV just in plain text form to save trees. ♥︎

Currently there is no standard how should CV look like, but LinkedIn has the power to change it. I believe it should look similar to current profiles to remind where it comes from.

And finally, why should LinkedIn care? Because there are many people without ambition to build career network, but with needs to manage their CV. This is way how to hook them and maybe later convert to regular user.